The Arsene Wenger Edition

How many people do you know who have spent more than 20 years in a single organisation? If any, I’m guessing you can count them on one hand.

Such loyalists are few and far between, and Arsene Wenger is one of them.

Wenger spent a whopping 22 years as Manager of Arsenal Football Club, leaving behind a two-part legacy.

Wenger’s first decade at Arsenal was truly successful; he made numerous invaluable player signings, led the club to three Premier League championships and went a record 49 consecutive games undefeated; the infamous Invincible era.

But his later years at Arsenal were…

Cue your inner Arya Stark

How many times have you pursued an underwhelming Netflix series, continually hoping that the next episode will be better than the last? The show continues on a downward trajectory and before you know it, you’re part-way through the second season of The OA, the plot has refused to thicken and character development has diminished further than you once conceived possible.

Time to quit?


You’re almost two seasons down and feel the need to persevere until the end. Several hours of television time later and you’ve begrudgingly completed the series, which as expected, fell far below your expectations. And let’s…

Do Occupational Psychologists hold the answers to our relationship qualms?

When Steve Jobs passed away, his alleged last words made their way around social media, in the expected ‘chain-mail’ fashion. You know the one, “…aside from work, I have little joy”. Whether an authentic Job’s quote or a random case of misinformation, the quote was profound and moved many, probably triggering a more emotional response than it would have if it hadn’t surfaced in the context of a famed death. …

Prevention trumps intervention every time.

Covid-19 has stormed into our lives, threatening to upend everything from our health to our relationships and careers. For many, the pandemic and its mountain of consequences have invoked a great deal of introspection.

Our many musings would be incomplete without the unpacking of our professional lives. Whether we’ve been furloughed, made redundant or remain employed, in typical human fashion, our minds have a tendency to drift towards the philosophical questions that force us to confront whether or not our careers provide us with genuine fulfilment. For many, the response to questions such as “am I happy at work?” …

How building self-awareness can save you a few quid

Following an intense couple of months foraging the market for our next home, my husband and I have finally found the ‘one’. In reflection of our end to end house-hunting escapade, I’ve come to realise that whilst our ultimate decision was careful and considered, a whole host of sneaky biases threatened to dismantle the quality of our decision-making and thus, the shape of our bank account along the way.

The Endowment Effect

The endowment effect refers to the nature of individuals to overvalue, and therefore irrationally overprice, the items that they own. Homeowners commonly fall foul of this effect when…

Life beyond graduate job rejections

Hindsight is a teacher. Students and recent graduates, the graduate schemes that you’re yearning to be enrolled onto, are not the be-all and end-all.

There, I said it.

I speak to you as both an individual who has been on the receiving end of multiple ‘dream job’ rejections (I’m not bitter), as well as on the other side of the table, creating a graduate scheme. Sufficient introspection and eager observation have taught me that despite popular belief, graduate positions are not superior to entry-level roles, entrepreneurship, internships and volunteering opportunities. Plus, the present state of the job market means that…

No empirical evidence in sight

Easy acts. We love them. Humans are naturally wired to take the path of least resistance. And what could be easier than plonking down on our broken-in sofas, mindlessly sourcing the readily available ‘Netflix’ button on our remote controls and devouring any and every show with an IMDB rating above 7, or thereabouts.

An abundance of research verifies that we’d be better off picking up a book. The benefits of doing so go beyond our brain health.

Here’s how.

Books won’t Aunt Viv us.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans were left broken-hearted when the actress in the role of…

Simran Randhawa

Predominantly interested in human behaviour and occupational psychology.

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