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Do Occupational Psychologists hold the answers to our relationship qualms?

When Steve Jobs passed away, his alleged last words made their way around social media, in the expected ‘chain-mail’ fashion. You know the one, “…aside from work, I have little joy”. Whether an authentic Job’s quote or a random case of misinformation, the quote was profound and moved many, probably…

Dare to be direct.

Are the Brits the most mild-mannered of them all?

As a grassroots Londoner, I’m inclined to respond with a resounding no. The @SoVeryBritish Twitter page may invoke a false sense of belief that British people are the most polite and least confrontational of all, but well, I know an entirely…

Prevention trumps intervention every time.

Covid-19 has stormed into our lives, threatening to upend everything from our health to our relationships and careers. For many, the pandemic and its mountain of consequences have invoked a great deal of introspection.

Our many musings would be incomplete without the unpacking of our professional lives. Whether we’ve been…


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